West Coast Appliance Repair


Service range


West Coast Appliance Repair company propose just the high quality service!

We are Fast *Professional* Reliable. To verify that statement we offer the most reasonable warranties in appliance repair services.

We offer 5 (five) years period warranties on parts and 30 days on our finished labour! In case that you will have other problem with same appliance within 30 days we will fix it with advantageous discount on next service!

We believe that the best gratefulness for our technicians are customers satisfaction! Our friendly dispatchers working 7 days a week to explain to the customers the warranty and policies terms! Also we are cooperate with the beggest American companies who makes only high quality parts that give us opportunity to say that after our service your appliance will work without any problem! Thanks for your patience!

Please, call us or book your appointment on the Internet and West Coast Appliance Repair will confirm all of the above warranty statements!